On Resilience

Tough Times Don't Last.

Tough People Do.

  • Training From Experience

    As the top mental toughness and resilience speaker Singapore has produced, YuJin has trained thousands to achieve mental toughness and resilience at work and life. He previously worked in the most demanding fields of investment banking and corporate law, he has an unrivaled ability to transfer his knowledge and experience to corporate executives. 

  • Expert Knowledge

    YuJin is a Certified Mental Toughness Coach (USA) and is well-known as a motivational speaker on resilience Singapore corporations constantly hire due to his expert knowledge that is based on the latest research and cutting-edge science. He is also the leading mental toughness trainer in Singapore and Asia. 

  • Ability To Connect

    The ability to truly connect with participants and understand their stresses, pressure and commitments is paramount for success. YuJin's uncanny ability to converse and connect deeply with the audience makes him one of the most sought after resilience speakers in the market. Be ready to be empowered by the top mental toughness speaker and trainer in Singapore and Asia. 

YuJin Motivational Keynote Speaker

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