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Here are 3 reasons why you should hire YuJin for your next conference

  • Strong Presence on Social Media

    YuJin has strong social media presence and knows how to harness the power of social media. As a world seminar keynote speaker, he has a healthy and engaged following, which is a strong sign of his positive engagement with the public. He will be able to show support and promote your event on social media channels. He understands the opportunity of being protagonist of your event beyond his session, before during and after the show.

  • He Always Knows The Audience

    As a world conference speaker, YuJin always finds out who is attending the event beforehand. He does not recycle a presentation but instead targets contents to the audience. This is one of his priorities that he personally handles with a lot of care each and every time to ensure maximum engagement in his keynotes.

  • He Creates Horizontal Interaction

    We all know how tough it is to listen to one person for 45 minutes. YuJin understand that his role is not only performing but also moderating. He understands the need to facilitate conversations and horizontal interaction. As a conference speaker Singapore and international organizers continue to hire, he always moves attendees to take responsibility of their learning.

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