What People Say About YuJin

"YuJin has brought energy, engagement and ideas to our conference, and left us inspired to apply his wisdom immediately."

Jane Hue

Head of Agency Events, AIA

"Superb lessons. YuJin knew exactly what to teach to produce real results. Exactly what we need in this fast-paced world"

Khoo Kar Khoon

Director of Communications, Nestle

"YuJin is an exceptional motivator who can really move people to action. Our team got so much more than we expected"  

Sebastian Goh

Assistant Head, Singapore Customs

Corporate Solutions


YuJin is an award-winning motivational speaker who can deeply motivate your audience. His high-energy keynotes are infectious executed with flair and deep passion. He shares his life story of burning out from law and investment banking to becoming an international speaker and agent of positive change. His signature keynotes such as "Trinity of Success" engages and inspires participants at kickoff events, conferences, retreats and learning festivals all over the world. 


Having had the experience of working in not one but two of the toughest corporate fields of law and investment banking, YuJin has a deep understanding of corporate topics, dynamics, behaviours and culture. As a world conference speaker, he can tailor his speeches to suit the audience while still keeping to the theme and at the same time inspire the audience to think or act. Whether it’s about disruption, future vision, economic climate, technological advancement or digital, YuJin speaks passionately from the heart.


Clients engage YuJin to connect with them on a range of topics from employee wellness to productivity and focus. His personal stories connect, and his interactivity with audiences means they are engaged, motivated, and committed to improving themselves and their organisations. YuJin does this using a variety of strategies and techniques customised with you to ensure he delivers the outcomes you are looking for.

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3 Reasons To Hire



YuJin explains 3 reasons why you should hire him for your next keynote, talk, workshop or training in just 90 seconds. A must see video for organizers. 

YuJin in action in 3 minutes


Watch YuJin in action in a condensed keynote with 7000 participants . You will see a variety of high-energy techniques employed by YuJin to fully engage the audience. 

Team Building with YuJin


Watch a video of one of a large scale team building with 500 participants of a top organization. In this video you'll see the high level of audience engagement, interactivity, fun and energy that YuJin and the team employ.

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